"When I get mad and I get pissed, I grab my pen and I write out a list of all you people that won't be missed" L7. Here's a long list of people we hate. We have broken the Shit List into two sections, People we hate and Homepages we hate. We'll try to give you as much information on the people as possible

Mick(A.K.A. Mick the Slick)
Email: Mickerooo@hotmail.com
Home Page: Mick's Homepage
Reason for hating him:Because of his fucking name, and he's annoying
Homepage:a Person's page
A pic of
this dicklicker
Yes indeed
Reason for hating him:Look at him, go to his page, then ask that question
Email:SkaPunk99@webtv.net (A.K.A. Jay Haas)
A pic of
this dicklicker
Yes Indeed
Reason for hating him:His name, and trying to use his | |-|@x0r Bomb on Undefined
Silicon Jester
Reason for hating him:For calling a newbie a lamer because they wanted to know how not to get traced back to there house while hacking. So he said you use a aqua box, and he was serious. Gee who's the lamer